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Graphics Automation

For the editorial staff of news bulletins and TV programs. Through a browser, a journalist can obtain decorated graphics of Twitter, highlights of multipage documents, customized map animations, QR codes... It supplements my rundown system and Orad, providing complex graphics, or results that require communication with external services or other specialized applications, like a render farm.

Design of Graphics System Workflow

I've designed and developed a set of applications that allow the graphic designers to create templates for use in rundowns of real time graphics or for file rendering. Easy to use, “drag and drop”, and similar in concept to Maestro and PageEditor (Orad), these tools allow the TV station Castilla-La Mancha Media to speed up the daily work and optimize their preexisting licenses of Brainstorm eStudio render engine.

Soccer Retransmission Titling

It’s used in the regional matches aired by Castilla-La Mancha Media. It provides great speed to the operators, who can launch graphics of soccer lineups, goals, times, cards… as well as loading and storing lists of players between encounters. Built with Brainstorm’s internal scripting.

Development of Audiovisual Tools

From an application for displaying image sequences through an SDI interface to a software for building rundowns from a Word document. My tools have answered the needs of a broadcast enterprise, saving costs and reducing the time between an idea and its transmission.

TV News & Program Branding

As part of my work as TV graphic designer in CMMedia, I’ve created graph templates for news bulletin and branding for programs with Orad’s 3Designer and PageEditor. These templates are flexible, they allow for multiple variations; for example, a single animated bar graph can be instantiated with various number of fields, and with (or without) photographs and headlines.

Live Twitter Broadcasting

Allows to broadcast messages and images sent by the audience, in full screen or overlaid over the studio's signal. In a political debate, facilitates engaging with the audience and provides an instant feedback.

Hello, I'm Miguel Oñoro, a spanish software developer and technical graphics designer. Due to vocation, education and work experience, I offer services of development of audiovisual tools and creation of interactive graphics in the field of real-time, both for TV and games. As well, I offer my will to continue learning and improving.

Skills and Knowledge

I’ve designed and developed a realtime TV graphics workflow inspired in Avid’s and Vizrt’s for Brainstorm’s render engine. Also, I’ve programmed multiple graphic automations and systems, ranging from highly customized still images to animated maps and Twitter live broadcasting.

Broadcast Software

  • Brainstorm eStudio
    Tool programming, interactive scenes
    and plug-in development in C

  • Orad 3Designer & Page Editor
    Graphics operator and scripting

  • Blender, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects,
    Photoshop and Premiere
  • Programming Blackmagic video cards
  • Encoding with FFMpeg

Application Development

  • C, C++ and Python languages
  • Unity3D videogame engine, virtual reality with Oculus Rift
  • Bare-metal ARM programming
  • Plug-ins for third-party applications
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Web: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

System Administration

  • Linux, FreeBSD and Windows operating systems
  • Shell scripting, networks, thin clients, collaboration tools...


Professional Experience

Audiovisual Programmer and Graphics Operator
Castilla-La Mancha Media, Toledo, Spain. Aug 2014 - Oct 2017.

  • Complete design and development of a template & rundown system for Brainstorm’s render engine. Allows to create forms (drag and drop) and insert them in a rundown for live emission or queue them to a render farm, instantly and with minimum effort.

  • Complete design and development of a web-based graphics automation system: Allows the journalists to obtain customized still images, maps, animations... easily through a browser, without intervention of a human operator.

  • On-air, real-time Twitter application, for messages and images sent by the audience.

  • Project for live-titling soccer retransmissions.

  • Render farm management and optimization with a custom application.

  • Collaboration with the Graphics Department to create branding templates for real-time, also layout and design of still images, 3D elements and advertising material.

System Administrator
University Hospital, Guadalajara, Spain. 2011, 3 Months in practices.

  • Upgrade of Linux servers and thin clients, both base system and scripts.

  • Programming of a fax emulator by reverse engineering, that allows to extract electrocardiograms from a specialized machine. Also, classification of the results with OCR tools.

  • Development of scripts and libraries to assist in a migration from Microsoft Excel to OpenOffice, as well as adaptation of intranet webpages for compatibility with Firefox.

Academic Training

  • Degree in Audiovisual Communication
    Alcalá University, Spain. 2011 - 2015.

    • Extraordinary Price and 9 subjects with honors. Average grade: 9,49 / 10
    • Three Excellence Grants from Madrid’s community (2011, 2012 and 2013)
    • Final project: Visualization of air traffic in virtual reality with Oculus Rift DK2

  • Advanced Technician in Computer System Administration
    Brianda de Mendoza Institute of secondary education, Guadalajara, Spain. 2009 - 2011.

    • Average grade: 9,63 / 10
    • Two times finalist in Castilla-La Mancha’s university regional computing challenge

  • Art Baccalaureate
    Art School, Guadalajara, Spain. 2007 - 2009.

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